Centers for Dialysis Care

Website Design, User Interface Design

The Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC) is a non-profit independent provider of dialysis and related health services to individuals with kidney failure. CDC is a growing organization that attracts and retains quality staff, and collaborates with physicians and providers. They are the largest outpatient dialysis provider in Northeast Ohio and are a leading innovator and provider of patient-focused dialysis treatment, education, support and training.

The Approach

DCD collaborated with CDC’s branding and design firm, Impel Creative, to design and develop a custom WordPress website that enhances the visual brand established by Impel in their printed material. With an abundance of valuable information, the website will be an important resource for those who use it.

The Home page features organizational news, staff highlights and dialysis-friendly recipes. A Diet and Nutrition section provides information such as recipes, cookbook information and guidelines on food shopping. And a Careers section lists current job openings with the ability for users to apply online and upload a resume – all managed through the WordPress admin screens.