Logo, Brand Identity Design, Website Design

DynamicVu is the data management strategy for consultants doing system dynamics work using the case study (research) method. Sometimes called “Group Model Building”, the process of collecting the information required to build a system dynamics model generates lots of information artifacts (diagrams, photos, videos, and other files). Currently, system dynamics consultants doing this work use apps such as Dropbox to collect and organize the many multi-media files. DynamicVu represents a better solution, linking together the information artifacts in meaningful ways that makes the consulting job easier.

The Approach

The approach to the logo and icon design was to use elements that were familiar to the audience – consultants doing system dynamics work. The thin overlapping circles represent casual loop diagrams that aid in visualizing how different variables in a system are interrelated. The thick circle represents the “view” – the focus on the clarity and organization that the software brings to the process.

The brand identity was applied to several marketing pieces that aided the software’s introduction at the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society in July of 2017. Brochures, tradeshow displays, email marketing, along with the standard identity pieces including business cards, letterhead, icon design and brand identity style guidelines were designed and used to launch the product.

The website explains the software and its features and gives users a way to sign up for a free trial. Eventually the site will grow with news, video tutorials, pricing structures and ways to buy.