MP Antenna

Logo Design, Brand Identity Design

MP Antenna develops and manufactures Multi-Polarized antennas that enhance the performance of all wireless deployments. These single feed, passive antennas transmit and receive signals in all polarizations. The patented 3D designs include built in spatial diversity and create a broad signal pattern that permeates obstructions improving real world wireless coverage.

The identity had to embody the following qualities: High Quality, Technologically Advanced, Trusted, Competent, Revolutionary, Strong, Simple and Easily recognizable.

The Approach

Simple geometric shapes create the combined letter form of the “mp”. Perfectly calculated and spaced out arches suggest the strong outreach of their antenna signals. The “mp” and arches can stand alone as a secondary logo or be used as bold graphic icons. An overall solid and modern design reflects the mission of the organization and the design of its products.

Identity standards were developed to outline the correct usage of the new logo and identity system – in efforts to maintain the strength and integrity of the new brand. The majority of the identity was delivered in electronic format to save on printing costs.

A simple, modular and functional trade show exhibit was designed that effectively showcases products while helping MP Antenna’s presence and message stand out from the other exhibits. Data Sheets and Sell Sheets shared a consistent design and are printed as needed.