The Entrepreneurs EDGE

Website Design, User Interface Design

EDGE is a nonprofit economic development organization that helps mid-sized companies in Northeast Ohio achieve profitable growth by accelerating the exchange of knowledge and experience among CEOs and leadership teams. EDGE provides its members with an invaluable opportunity to develop their leaders, grow their company and improve Northeast Ohio through programs, services and events geared specifically for them.

The Approach

EDGE is committed to helping create value for mid-sized companies through development, innovation, and relationship building by providing peer group meetings and other events for CEOs & Presidents, Finance, Operations, HR, IT, Sales & Marketing leaders and Rising professionals. To support the facilitation of these events, we developed a robust calendar within the website that helps them cross promote events to various audiences.

Events can be scheduled in advance and are archived for future reference. Event details are readily available for the user and registration can easily be added to each event.

To further connect with their members, a comprehensive News section was added to keep them up-to-date on current happenings.