Camp Stone

Logo, Brand Identity Design, Website Design

Camp Stone is an Orthodox Jewish summer camp located on 500 acres in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania. It is affiliated with Bnei Akiva, the largest religious Zionist youth movement in the world. It was founded by Irving I. Stone in 1969, and it became a Bnei Akiva Moshava in 1972.

With an unwavering focus on ethical behavior, education, innovation, collaboration and supportive mentoring, campers and staff members develop the humility and confidence to lead the next generation of the global Jewish community.

The Approach

The flame icon is made up of the Hebrew letters Mem and Samech – Mem for Machane / Moshevet (meaning Camp), and Samech for Stone. The two Hebrew words below the words Camp Stone are “Moshevet Stone”. The Mem and Samech letter forms within the flame are essentially the initials for Camp Stone in Hebrew.

The color blue relates back to the flag of Israel. We paired the blue with the warmer tones of orange and yellow not only to create contrast, but to add to the overall camp-like feel of the extended brand identity.

The imagery used is authentic. The staff photographer takes hundreds of pictures everyday to capture the Camp Stone experience from morning to night.